Able 2 SHO-ME LED Light Bar

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Please contact the sales team to order these custom LED light bars! Currently available for sale online are an in-stock 77″ model for heavy wreckers, heavy haul tractors and vac trucks.

The Able 2 SHO-ME LED Light Bar is available with Economical Stretch LED, 3 Watt Luminator LEDs or High Output SHO-OFF Lineal LED modules with lengths available in 10″ increments. (27″-87″)

  • Aerodynamic, low profile, single level design
  • Choice of Standard LEDs or Luminator LEDs in five colors: amber, blue, green, red and white.
  • 27″ Stretch LED and Luminator LED Light Bars are available in either permanent or magnetic mount
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminium base with gasket and UV-resistant Lexan® dome
  • Specify driver or passenger side cable exit
  • Customised models with signal sticks, take-down lights, work lights and alley lights are also available.

Luminator LED Low-Profile
Stretch Light Bars

Models 12.1227 / 12.1237 / 12.1247 / 12.1257
Custom Models

  • You can depend on the proven performance and reliability of Luminator LED Low-Profile Stretch Light Bars. Aerodynamically-designed housings are packed with 3W LEDs that are arranged to provide complete 360° coverage.
  • Four basic lengths (27″ 37″, 47″ and 57″) are suitable for a wide variety of vehicles. Additional lengths ranging (in 10″ increments) from 67″ to 97″ will accommodate large size vehicles.
  • All models have 3W Luminator LEDs with Total Internal Reflection optics for intensely bright light. Diffusing lenses on two-thirds of the Luminator LEDs disperse light horizontally. The remaining third provide concentrated forward light.
  • Individual modules of (3) 3W Luminator LEDS are available in standard warning colors: amber, blue, green, red and white. The modules can be grouped into custom arrangements according to your specifications.
  • All basic models have Luminator LEDs and a built-in flasher with 15 selectable patterns.
  • Model 12.1227.008 has a 15′ straight power cord with a fused cigarette lighter plug with POWER & MODE switches, and four 90 lb – pull magnets.
  • All hardwire models have a 15′ power cable and include your choice of vehicle-specific mounting kit, mounting feet or headache rack brackets.
  • Customize any length light bar with optional features (available for an extra charge).
  • Optional alley and take-down lights improve operator and public safety.
  • Optional Stop / Tail / Turn feature coordinates the light bar with vehicle functions.
  • Optional LED Signal Stick controller provides additional arrow patterns for improved traffic control.
  • The low-profile, UV-resistant, polycarbon dome is aerodynamically designed to improve fuel efficiency.
  • A heavy-duty extruded aluminum base provides a rigid structure that won’t warp or bend. A clear anodized coating covers the aluminum to inhibit corrosion.
  • Specify driver- or passenger-side cable exit.
  • Low-Profile Stretch Bars are also available with SHO-OFF LEDs and with Standard LEDs.
  • 12V standard; also available in 24V upon request.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Model Amps LEDs Dimensions
12.1227.000 7.5A 30 4″ H x 9-1/8″ W x 27″ L
12.1227.008 7.5A 30 3″ H x 9-1/8″ W x 27″ L
12.1237 10.5A 42 4″ H x 9-1/8″ W x 37″ L
12.1247 13.5A 54 4″ H x 9-1/8″ W x 47″ L
12.1257 16.5A 66 4″ H x 9-1/8″ W x 57″ L
Custom Varies Varies 67″ – 97″ L

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 18 × 8 in




LED Module

Luminator High Output