Code 3 LED Light Bar PSE 21IF


Using the latest LED Torus technology, the Code 3 LED Light Bar – 21IF series provides more superior light output and better off-angle lighting than our current 2100 models using Optix lightheads.

  • Independent flashing lightheads (no central controller board required)
  • Economical, yet advanced, this lightbar offers a host of standard features delivering the best low profile LED lightbar on the market

Code 3 PSE

Available in a Variety of Configurations – including 3-Up, 4-Up and 9-Up Directional Torus Lightheads and 6-Up and 9-Up Corners

  • 35 W Halogen and LED Takedowns & Alleys Available
  • Flashing Takedowns and Alleys Available with Optional 940 Flasher (both Halogen and LED)
  • Non-Central Controller
  • Red, Blue, Amber, or White LEDs
  • Clear Lens Standard
  • User Selectable Flash Patterns Changeable on each Lighthead
  • Dimming Mode
  • LIT3 mounting kit with adapter included
  • Red, Blue, Amber or Black Top Lenses Available
  • LED Stop/Turn/Tail
  • Lighted LIT3 Mounting Feet
  • 795H Opticom LP Emitter or N-3 Emitter
  • Solar Panel Battery Conditioner