Code 3 Arch Beacon

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Code 3 Arch Beacon


  • Super Sized LED beacon offers an extremely bright and tall warning signal.
  • Comes in a variety of models designed to meet different vehicle requirements.

Design Features

  • Provides 360 degree Coverage (except in Half Beacon Model)
  • 36 LED (full) or 18 LED (half)
  • Full Versions come in solid, multicolor (dual color) or steady burn white LEDs. See Options tab for LED color selection for each version. Includes Dimming Capabilities.
  • Half Beacon Model is designed for half solid flashing (Red, Amber, Blue) and half with no light protecting driver’s from flashback. Includes Dimming.
  • Amber, Red, Blue, and Clear Polycarbonate Lens (Lens color depends on model selected)
  • 13 MultiColor Flash Patterns (simultaneously color sync with other MC beacons) See above for LED color selection.
  • Permanent Mount Standard
  • Failure Mode Detection Circuit
  • ECE65 Single Color – 6 Flash Patterns

Standard Options

  • Solid Color Model: Available in Amber, Red, and Blue LEDs with Matching or Clear Lens. Multiple Flash Patterns including ECE65 Class 1 & 2 (in 6 flash patterns)
  • MultiColor Model: Available in Amber/White, Blue/Amber, Red/Amber, and Red/Blue LEDs with Clear Lens. Flashes one color then the other color
  • Two-in-One Model: Half Amber, Blue, or Red Flashing LEDs and Half White Stead Burn, Clear Lens only. Great for locations with front only viewing
  • Arch Branch Guard
  • 1″ Pipe Mount

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in