Star Signal Laser® MP™


The STAR LASER MP™ Series is the latest addition to the legendary STAR LASER® lightbar series. While the STAR LASER® is the most durable, versatile and best looking LED lightbar available, the new STAR LASER MP™ series provides you with a lower cost LED option. Inside  the heavy-duty sleek look of the STAR LASER® shell is our M-TECH PLUS® series  high-output LED package. The M-TECH PLUS® provides wide-angle SAE Class 1 light  intensity in a value setting. Many  believe that this new offering will change the lightbar industry forever. For  high quality great looks and savings, check out the STAR LASER MP™!


Product Features:

  • Low cost super bright M-Tech Plus® LED technology
  • Conformal coated circuitry protects against shock and vibration
  • 35 customer selectable flash patterns via external wire
  • Independent enable of front and rear facing LEDs
  • Extruded aluminum top and bottom
  • High/Low power select
  • Low input voltage detection under 10VDC
  • S-link System™ synchronizing capability with other STAR LED units
  • Voltage: 10-16VDC
  • Patent pending

Standard Models:


7232LED: 22″ one M-Tech Plus® head
7462LED: 46″ Police package, two M-Tech Plus® heads, two alleys, two takedown/pursuits
7464LED: 46″ two M-Tech Plus® heads
7564LED-Tow: 52″ two M-Tech Plus® heads, two STT, two worklights