Nordic Lights LED N12


The CANIS LED N2001 work lamp offers an ultra compact and lightweight lighting solution.

The CANIS LED N2001 is suitable for mounting in tight places and delivers strong  illumination in relation to its size. Suitable for applications needing to  withstand the powers of nature.

Theoretical Lumens Output:Operational Lumens Output:Colour Temperature:                           Nominal Voltage DC:Input Voltage Range DC:                           Power Consumption:                           Nominal Current at 12V:                           Nominal Current at 24V:Nominal Current at 48V:                           Electronics:                           Connector:                           Mount:



Lens:                           Body:                           Weight:                           IP rating:                           Salt mist:                           EMC:
Operating temperature:

1200 lm

850 lm

5700K                         12-48V

9-68V                         6                        W                         1.0 A                         0.5 A

0.25 A                         Integrated                         Built-In Deutsch                         Single Bolt M8 or M10


8Grms 24-2000Hz   PC   Aluminium   0.6 kg   IP68, IP6K9K, SAE J1455   ISO 9227 240H   ISO 13766, ISO 14982   ISO 7637-2, EN12895, CISPR 25 Class 3   – 40˚C… + 85˚C

(Overheat protected)