HELLA PowerBeam AS 5000LED ® Work Light

HELLA has developed the PowerBeam AS 5000LED® – the next generation of LED work light, specifically designed for the rigors of the mining environment


HELLA PowerBeam AS 5000LED ®

Heavy Duty LED Work Light

HELLA is proud to introduce to its state of the art LED work light range – the PowerBeam AS 5000LED®, a high output, compact and highly versatile heavy-duty work light for use on mining machinery.

HELLA has developed the AS 5000LED® – the next generation of LED work light, specifically designed for the rigors of the mining environment.

By utilising the latest technology and materials, HELLA has achieved a new level of performance for LED lighting, without sacrificing those qualities essential to the mining environment.

AS 5000LED® is a match for the extreme environmental conditions encountered in mining, and succeeds where many competitors have failed.

24 High Power LEDs deliver over 5000 Lumens of light exactly where it is required, through highly developed optics available in two variations.

HELLA PowerBeam AS 5000LED® boasts an efficient 60 Watts power consumption, giving it a luminous efficacy close to 100 Lumens per Watt.

HELLA has taken advantage of long underground mining experience in the development of heavy duty work lights, with an integrated dimming function in AS 5000LED®, suitable for vehicle passing and efficient above ground daylight operation.

The dimming function reduces light output to around 50% and can be controlled by the activation of a second active wire via a switch or other means. This allows the AS 5000LED® to operate on reduced power mode below 10.2V to prevent battery drain on mobile equipment when lights are on but the engine is not running.

The advanced electronics of the LED work light ensure stable operation in a wide range of electrical supply conditions.  The light is protected from reverse polarity input and  short circuit faults.

The AS 5000LED® is designed to operate at the extreme range of temperatures often encountered in underground and surface mining, from –40° to +50° Celsius. Integrated thermal protection ensures longevity of the electrical components at the most extreme temperatures.

An advanced non-stick surface coating prevents dirt build-up on the light and is resistant to acidic minerals and salts. The coating is bonded to the housing and will not peel or flake. The light can be high pressure cleaned.

A high impact resistant Grilamid® lens protects the light from damage, and is UV stable.

A color temperature of 5700°K mimics daylight and ensures a high color-rendering index, critical for performing work functions.

Multi-adjustable trunnion bracket ensures accurate and stable aiming in a high vibration environment in all assembly positions.  Bracket locates the axis of rotation in the center of gravity.

The double insulated silicon sheath high temperature cable provides a high quality electrical interface with the supply system. A heavy-duty cable gland provides strain resistance for the cable under extreme vibration.

A specially designed driver board ensures advanced thermal management drawing the heat away from the LEDs. HELLA maintains its high standards in electrical certification with the AS 5000LED® work light, with approvals for CE, C-Tick Compliance, CISPR25 and ISO13766-2006 for earth moving machinery.


Product Features

  • Over 5000 Lumen measured output
  • Multivolt™ 9-33V
  • Draco® suspension compined with Heavy Duty 316 stainless steel bracket
  • Wide beam (close range) and narrow beam (long range) models available
  • Double insulated silicone supply cable with DT connector
  • Fully sealed LED unit requires no servicing
  • Non-stick and easy to clean surface coating
  • High impact Grilamid® nylon lens
  • Suitable for operation in –40°C to +50°C environments
  • Heavy duty cable gland offers bend protection



AS 5000LED® LED Heavy Duty Work Light
Wide Beam HM1500WB
Narrow Beam HM1500NB
Wide Beam – Dimmable HM1500WBD