Star Signal ULB42 Star Phantom Undercover LED Lightbar


The patented STAR Phantom® interior mount LED lightbar is perfect for under-cover or unmarked vehicle applications. With an extremely thin profile, less than1” high, the ULB42 series easily mounts under the center visor clips above the rear view mirror in 15-20 minutes. Choose from the ULB42 with 270 long-lifeLEDs or the ULB42V with 220 long-life LEDs. Both STAR Phantom® series lightbars give the power and flexibility you need with two flash modes to choose from. Pursuit Mode offers 35 customer selectable flash patterns via a push button switch while Takedown Mode offers a 20 second Superburst™ LED steadyburn. Two angled LED sections offer intersection clearing and a red “nightvision” preserving map light are standard. An adjustable baffle is also included to eliminate “backflash” from the window. A rear window mount version is available with a standard 12’ wire harness (ULB42-1 or ULB42V-1). The ULB42series ships complete with cig plug with lighted on/off switch, mounting brackets, hardware, and instructions.

 Product Features:

  • Perfect for undercover or unmarked vehicle applications.
  • Low profile – less than 1″ high (15/16″).
  • Rear window mount version available (Model# ULB42-1)
  • Installs in 15-20 minutes.
  • Universal visor clip mount.
  • Mounts under center visor clips above rear view mirror.
  • 220 long-life LED’s.
  • Angled LED’s for intersection clearing.
  • Red “night vision” preserving map light.
  • 35 flash patterns via a push button switch.
  • For interior applications only.
  • Custom lighting color combinations available: blue, red, white, green, amber.


  • Hight 15/16″.
  • Dimentions: 42″ long X 4 3/4″ wide.
  • Light Weight: 2.6 pounds.
  • 12V DC cigarette plug power (Model# ULB42).