AUTHORITY Hydraulic Catwalk Warning Light


Authority Lighting hydraulic catwalk LED safety light with RED and BLUE LEDs notifying area personnel of moving pipe.

Note this product usually has a 60 day lead time.

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The Authority hydraulic catwalk warning light model AL4VPX800 is a heavy duty LED warning light designed for oilfield applications.

Build with demanding conditions in mind, this steel and Lexan marvel is made to withstand the harsh cold weather, severe impacts, truck loading, corrosion, and vibration associated with drilling applications.

You will find the AL4VPX800 at most major drilling sites throughout North America and on selected partners rigs abroad.

Designed with health and safety in mind, our catwalk lights keep the area between the V-Door and the Catwalk clear of people while the pipe is moving.


LED Catwalk Light - Oil Field Safety
LED Catwalk Light – Oil Field Safety