Will-Burt Night Scan

Will-Burt LED light towers for complete visibility and safe working conditions at the jobsite or emergency scene


Night Scan LED Light Tower
If you work using mobile equipment at night, you need a Will-Burt Night Scan
Remote control of all functions, and incredibly bright LED scene lights make the perfect combination of safety and productivity.

The Will-Burt Night Scan® Vertical Complete Light Tower is a vertically mounted light tower which was created to be installed externally to the side or rear of a vehicle; ideal for situations when extensive scene lighting is necessary. This light tower includes an on-board compressor for elevation and requires no truck air. Used to elevate lights and/or cameras throughout widespread scene lighting circumstances, The Night Scan® Vertical Complete is perfect for smaller vehicles where space is limited. Measuring less than 6 inches (16 cm) deep, it can even fit between the cab and box. The compressor box can be placed below or beside the mast to suit your specific vehicle requirements.

Model 2.3
Extended Height 7.5 ft. / 2.3 m
Automatic Deploy and Stow Yes
Number of lights available 2 or 4
Light Type Available LED / Halogen / HID
Maximum Lumens 140000
Full Pan and Tilt Light Positioning Yes
Opposable Light Fixtures No
VDC / Watts Maximum 12 / 640
VAC / Watts Maximum 240 / 6000
Profiler – Narrow Light Fixture Option No
D-TEC II Power Line Detection System Option Yes
Strobe Light Option Yes